About me:

I'm a young dreamer working for his passion. Came from Cuba at the age of 15 years old, it was a new life for me; I wasn't quite sure what to do with life. Learning how to speak the language getting through high school. One more art class was required for me to graduate. Choose photography,  so I ended up grabbing my first DSLRs in junior year. At the end of the year the teacher encouraged me to take the advance class the upcoming semester; which I did and by the end of my senior year I got two diplomas, one medal and one of my photos was published in Photographer's Forum Magazine. This made me realize I was better than I thought. Started going out to take photos of the city, where I meet other photographers from Houston whom which took me around the streets of downtown Houston. I started doing street photography and urban explorations October 2016. By December the same year, I was a little more comfortable with my camera and decided to start doing portraits which I ended up enjoying and became till this day my number one priority to master. Street photography is still there just do it between my free time and portrait session. I used to believe natural was all you need it to capture a good photograph but honestly since I started using strobe lighting on Oct. 2017 I've learned the power of controlling and manipulating light is incredible. Currently taking Photography classes and working in the photography studio of HCC (Houston Community College) 

(281) 624 7261

Houston, TX

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